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Ever wonder why your ring is too loose in the winter months?

Ever notice in the summer your rings can feel tight, but in the winter that very same ring is now loose?

Sometimes people think it’s weight gain or loss, but really it’s just life.

What Do You Mean it’s JUST life?

I do not mean “suck it up buttercup”, I mean it happens all throughout nature! It’s all about survival.

Mice brains actually shrink in the winter months! The changes in the brain may help the mice conserve energy to survive during the cold winter season when food is scarce and conditions are harsh.

The scientists, based in Norway and Finland, discovered that juvenile brown trout reduced in length by as much as 1cm – a shrinkage of approximately 10%. They say this could help the young fish to conserve energy when food is in short supply.

The width of a tree ring shows the amount of growth that has taken place during one year. When the conditions are good the tree grows faster and so lays down more tissue in the year, resulting in a wider growth ring. Poor conditions mean slower growth, less tissue laid down and consequently a narrower ring.

So this winter when you notice your rings getting loose remember it’s just natures way to help you conserve energy and survive the cold until the return of the summer sun.