Sizer Image Guide

Ring Size Adjusting – Step by Step

The following image guide outlines the step by step process for applying the small, medium or large ring resizer to your ring. For Jumbo Ring Resizing view our Jumbo image guide.

resize ringStep 1.

Place the ring guard with arms curved upward as shown.

ring resizersStep 2.

Place the ring shank inside the curved arm of the ring guard.

how to resize ringStep 3.

Push down on ring guard so it takes the shape of the shank.

temp ring sizingStep 4.

Be sure the shank rests at the back of the guard’s arm (inside curve) for best fit.

wrap ringStep 5.

With pliers, in a circular motion, tighten the ring guard arm to your ring’s shank.

tighten ring sizeStep 6.

….until the ring guards arm has gone around the inside of the ring shank and clamp down to tighten. Repeat for second arm.

Step 7.

temporary ring resizeOnce the ring guard is in place you may adjust the ‘size” of the ring. Just push up (or down) on the middle band of the ring guard

The Ring Guard Solution

Swollen knuckles making your ring TOO loose on your finger?
Gems and precious stones ending up on the palm side of your hand?
Fingers swell or shrink depending on the weather or time of year?
Afraid to size your ring in case your weight changes?

Our 14 k gold-filled Ring Size Adjuster allows the ring to expand over the knuckle, yet fit snugly & comfortably…so WHY PAY A JEWELRY STORE to resize your ring when you can do it with ease!