Ring Guards (Ring Sizers) solve your ring size problems instantly.

ring too big

All Rings must be sized large enough to fit over the knuckle, but then often tend to be TOO loose to sit upright on your finger.

Gems can make a ring top heavy, and they tend to “roll” or “spin” so the stones are not shown properly (often ending up on the palm side of your hand). If your ring is too loose after passing your knuckle this “ring spinning” is even greater. Sometimes spinning right OFF your finger! A simple ring resizer solves that problem instantly!

resize ringOur “Monte Carlo” Ring Guards are available in white or yellow 14 KT gold filled.

Once your ring guard is on, and you have pushed up on the guard’s band, your ring is sized! You can now wear your cherished ring in confidence.

Ring Size Adjusters come in 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo Sized. Not sure about the correct ring guard size to buy? Now you can order a mix pack!

Ring Sizing Problems and Ring Size Adjuster Solutions

  • Loose Rings

Rings can be too big or loose due to weight loss or temperature changes. We all know rings tend to fit differently depending on weather or other factors – and sizing a ring just wont work for those days your fingers are swollen.

  • Children’s rings that are too Big

Ring guards are easy to put on and take off. Let your children wear rings for special occasions without worry about it getting lost. Remove the ring size adjuster when the ring begins to fit properly on your child’s finger.

  • Rings that fit over the knuckleloose rings

Rings need to pass over the knuckle but always tend to slide on the finger. Ring resizers can be adjusted for a tighter fit after passing the knuckle. Keep your stones upright by slightly pressing up on the “wrap” while the ring is on your finger.

  • Engraved Rings

When you’re concerned that the engraving may be cut off with sizing. Don’t lose that special engraving! Ring guards are 14K gold filled and leave your engraving untouched.

  • Occasional swelling of Fingers

Ring guards can be adjusted easily when a tighter fit is needed. Swelling of the ring finger can occur for many reasons, including the weather

  • When you need temporary fast ring sizing

Many brides have ordered ring guards so they can wear their ring on the day of the wedding (even if their husband-to-be bought the wrong size!).

*Join more then one ring together

joining ringsGet creative, refresh your jewelry with a new look or join your wedding band and engagement ring together with our Large or Jumbo sized ring guards.

Renew, Refresh, Reuse and Recycle! Go through your jewelry box and take out all those old rings you don’t wear anymore, or rings you found in garage and estate sales. Group them together – see how they look. Maybe you’ve just created a new unique chunky ring to show off!