Jumbo Sizer Guide

The arms on the Jumbo Ring Sizer are very long and can wrap around very thick bands (such as class rings) or used to join 2 or more rings together,

jumbo ring resizeStep 1.Place the ring resizer on the inside of your ring band.
 resize class ringStep 2. Fold arms inward around the rings band.
 resize class ringStep 3. With pliers (or strong tweezers) fold the arms inward over the ring band
 largest ring resizerStep 4.  Once both arms are folded over the ring band the guard is almost on!
 resize jumbo ringStep 5. Now all you need to do is use your pliers (or strong tweezers) to wrap the remaining arm around the ring band.
tighten ring step 6. Squeeze down on the applied guard to tighten up your wrap.
 jumbo ring wrapStep 7. Your done! Your ring is now ready to wear worry-free!