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ring size too bigThe Solution to Loose Rings

All you need is a pair of pliers (or strong flat tweezers) to bend the ring guard around the band. Once the ring guard is in place just push up on the ring wrap to adjust the size.

We have developed the following instructional guides to show you just how easy it is!

Need help in choosing the right size of ring size adjuster? Try visiting our sizer measurement guide and be sure to have the best ring fit.


Our ring guard short 30 second instructional video will show you exactly how to put on and adjust your ring size instantly.

You can see an easy “step by step” image guide on how to apply a ring guard / ring wrap to your ring.

Our Jumbo ring sizer is a bit different to apply so we included an image guide for them as well.

WHY PAY A JEWELRY STORE TO SIZE A RING – when you can do it yourself for less!


Swollen knuckles making your ring TOO loose on your finger?

Gems and precious stones ending up on the palm side of your hand?

Fingers swell or shrink depending on the weather or time of year?

Afraid to size your ring in case your weight changes?

Afraid your ring will get lost at the Beach

Children wearing special occasion rings…

Our 14 k gold-filled Ring Size Adjuster allows the ring to expand over the knuckle, yet fit snugly & comfortably!